Web3 Social in a Browser Extension

Focalize is a full social DApp, built on Lens Protocol and XMTP, running in a browser extension.

Lens notifications
The quickest and easiest way to get notified about new Lens content and activity, with system notifications.
Wallet-to-wallet messaging
Send messages to other Lens users, ENS names, or any Ethereum address, directly from your toolbar via XMTP.
Markdown editor
Publish on Lens with a full-featured Mardown Editor and create digital collectibles on Polygon.
Fast access to your Lens notifications
Access your full notifications stream, directly from your browser toolbar, with blazing speed!
Direct Messaging with XMTP
A full decentralized messaging app is built into Focalize, with the ability to open multiple chat windows at the same time.
Supported by industry leaders
Lens Protocol Filecoin IPFS XMTP
Focalize won first prizes from Lens Protocol and IPFS/Filecoin at ETHOnline 2022 and received grants from Aave and XMTP.
System Notifications
System notifications
Focalize creates native system notifications on your OS, so you'll never miss them.
Open Source
Being open source adds transparency and security to the project. You can view the source code on GitHub.
No usage tracking
Focalize does not track your usage or collect any data about you. There is no Focalize server.
Censorship resistant
Focalize interacts directly with Lens Protocol and Polygon, so it is fully decentralized and censorship resistant.
Create publications and NFTs
Post on Lens with a full-featured Markdown editor and easily create Digital Collectibles on Polygon.
Post Composer
Install Focalize now and start using Lens in your toolbar!
It's free and requires no invasive permissions.
Available in the Web Store