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Easily share the page you're looking at
Clicking the toolbar icon launches a popup composer pre-filled with info about the link you're sharing.
Focalize NFT composer screenshot Focalize NFT composer screenshot
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Turn your posts into Polygon NFTs
Easily monetize your publications by creating NFTs that can be traded on marketplaces like OpenSea.
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Desktop notifications
Stop missing interactions on Lens with system-level notifications. You choose the app you want to open.
And we're only getting started!
Focalize is:
Truck with the word free on the side
Focalize is free to install and use. Publishing on Lens is completely gasless!
A book
Open Source
There are no usage trackers in Focalize and development is done in the open on GitHub.
A megaphone coming out of a box
Censorship Resistant
Focalize gives you the ability to publish on Lens without reliance on any third party.